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You've probably heard of HubPages, but I bet you don't know it celebrated its sixth birthday in August 2012. And over those years it has slowly been growing in strength and effectiveness as a traffic generating powerplant for those shrewd enough to realize it. What's more it also offers a second income stream in the form of a monthly autopilot income, where you receive the lion's share of the advertising revenue you generate.

But, if you didn't know all this, you soon will. What's more, you can now become a HubPages superstar. Because I've just completed a brand new report, entitled 'HubPages Traffic Made Easy' to make sure you are not missing out on this often overlooked top traffic source. What's more, it's yours - completely free of charge.

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  • The two features that means HubPages is an article directory on steroids (in fact, it's like no article directory you've ever seen).
  • How to create your first traffic and money generating hub - and the street smart tip to add personality to your presence on HubPages.
  • The brain-dead simple way hub pages are constructed (instantly transforming you into a skilled web designer - even if you've never created nothing more artistic than a plain text mail before.
  • How to edit the layout of your hub page for best effect - you'll find this great fun!
  • The vital art of getting your hub page found (and it's far easier than it sounds).
  • The twin aspects of what makes a good title for your hub page.
  • How to add even more SEO value to your hub pages (adding photos and images is a snap with HubPages and this extra tip will make them even more powerful).
  • The simple trick to increase your readership and traffic even more, when you have some in-depth content.
  • How to increase the power of your hub pages (this works like gangbusters, once you create a few hub pages with a common theme).
  • Hub Score - what it is and how you can improve it - and how the links from your hub pages increase in value as your score climbs.
  • How to use the social element of HubPages to ramp up your presence in the community (and build your reputation as the 'go to' guy or gal for your particular niche).
  • How to increase the traffic to your hub pages with external linking.
  • And much more...
HubPages Traffic Made Easy
Rediscover The 'Forgotten' Traffic Source That Still Pumps Out Traffic Four Years After It Was Last Updated!

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